Capstone 2015 - G&M Service Company

The focus of this project will be the implementation of a more efficient network and the building of a database-type quoting program to G&M Service Company, a heating and air conditioning company in Raleigh, NC. This location contains 8-10 Windows PCs/laptops, which are used every day by employees. These services include: printing, faxing, internet browsing, e-mail, drafting text documents, constructing spreadsheets, and using accounting software amongst other things. In order to complete the project, there are three objectives that must be accomplished. The first objective is to have functional database-based quoting program implemented into the businesses day-to-day operations. Since the business starts with a quote for the customer for how much the job will cost, the program is an essential objective that must be addressed first. The second objective will be to replace any devices with devices that will work with the new program standpoint. The third objective will be to make sure that things run smoothly and look organized for their permanent operation.