Capstone 2015 - Wayne CC Virtual World System Development

Wayne Community College located in Goldsboro, North Carolina would like to create a virtual classroom environment for the surrounding High Schools. These schools would attend classes online for the subjects of Auto Cad and also Hydraulics. The purpose of this project is for Wayne Community College to be able to reach out to the surrounding counties and their High Schools and provide distance education. There are 5 schools that the college hopes to reach out to. The need for the project is to bring in revenue for Wayne Community College and also to bring introduce college education to high school students. The project is meant to provide college education to surrounding high schools. That is the main goal that Wayne CC is trying to achieve. If students are being educated through the success of the implementation of the virtual world created by, then the project will be considered a success. The solution to the project is to download an open source program from to create an online virtual world that students can access via the internet and a client viewer on their computer that will allow them to access the virtual world. Creating this project will provide college courses to surrounding high schools. The project will in turn provide revenue for Wayne Community College through their virtual college courses.